Recy - wool roving for hand spinning, slovak merino and recyceld wool

Beautiful woolen roving with pieces of recycled wool suitable for spinning, felting and weaving. This wool is local Slovak merino, completely processed in accordance with the principles of sustainability.
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Material: 80% merino from local breeding (Slovakia, EU), 20% recyceld small pieces of wool- remnants from my knitting projects (several kinds of wool, alpaca)
Fineness: 23.5 microns
Weight: approx. 100g

Local, completely handmade wool from happy merino sheep grazing the Slovak meadows. The wool was first combed on a manual drum carder and braided. The woolen braid is already waiting to be procesed.

If you need a larger quantity than is currently in stock, or if you want custom-made colors, I will be happy to card and dye the wool to order, usually within 5 working days. Order here.

      Base FiberRecycled wool / Slovak Merino - 23,5 mic
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