Mohér - how about that?

11. 04. 2023, 08:48

Are you afraid of mohair? Do you wake up sometimes sweating from a horrible dream of a spiky mohair monster enveloping you all over and eating you alive? You don't have to. Mohair is no longer the same as it was in the eighties, when it was almost impossible to get here and was bought in markets in Hungary. (Pretty prehistoric, huh?)

Today you can get rid of that nightmare for good. There is mohair with the adjective "super kid". It is a yarn processed from the fur of young Angora goats. And it's the same with animal fur: the younger the animal, the softer the fur, hence the name "super kid".

So what about the fine mohair? Let's look at the samples together.

You can use mohair by itself for delicate webbing projects. Although the manufacturer recommends needles no. 3 – 3.5, I cast on 6mm needels (yes, six wink) and the hairy threads of the yarn still fill the space beautifully, it is not too much for them at all. A completely beautifully fluffy transparent knit was created. The mohair itself is suitable for boleros, scarves and plaids knitted simply plain or woven with lace patterns.



If you want to play more with colors, you can combine hand dyed multicolored mohair with unicolor or multicolor yarns. I used a combination with merino wool. Mohair combines beautifully with buttery white, burgundy, and anthracite.



You don't have to be afraid of combinations, mohair hairs add beautiful hazy tones to every color variant. I knitted the samples again on 6mm needles. By combining colored kid mohair with a thin monofilament, you get a knit that is almost opaque, but at the same time still very light. The sweater will also be finished quickly on large needles. You don't need any patterns to achieve a beautiful result, just combine your favorite colors and knit stockinette stithes.


The yarns used for the samples (top - down):

GAsPAR - 100% merino fingering -  (400m/100g)

KATRIN - 100% merino fingering -  (400m/100g)

BELLA - 100% merino fingering -  (400m/100g)

RUSTI - 77% super kid mohér + 23% hodváb (350m/50g)


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