About hand dyed yarns

30. 03. 2023, 21:42

I design and dye Woolento yarns in small batches, usually 10 pcs. Every single item goes through my hands with love and care.

The entire production process, from the selection of yarns and colors, through the actual dyeing ,until and including packaging, is chosen so that the impact on nature is as small as possible. Little by little I'm getting better at it.

Hand dyeing techniques represent an infinite number of color and shading combinations. Although each recipe can be repeated, individual batches may differ slightly. Very little variations of skeins are also within one batch. It is natural with this method of dyeing and it adds a certain adventure to your knitting. wink However, if you want to achieve perfect homogeneity of the knit, I recommend to knit with 2 balls at once and alternate them in rows. However, it is not necessary. The small imperfection of handwork also has its own charm and may be intentional. Just let your imagination and creativity run wild.

Each skein is rinsed after dyeing. Even so, some colors may fade a little during the first wash. This is a normal phenomenon and has no effect on color stability.

Yarns with the "superwash" treatment allow washing in the washing machine at specia lprogram for wool. Even so, it is better to wash woolen products by hand in lukewarm water. In this way, you will extend their lifetime.

Wash with products intended for wool and fine fibers. Avoid fabric softener altogether. In this way, you will preserve the natural thermoregulatory abilities of wool.

Watch out for squeezing. Do not wring in the washing machine or twist by hand. Just squeeze the excess water out of the fabric (like a sponge).

Dry flat, not hanging. Do not dry in direct sunlight.

Enjoy original products from original yarns and be happy.


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