Payment Options


Payment in EUR and CZK with VISA, MasterCard or Maestro cards, or by secure bank transfer.

A safe way to pay online - secured by the 3D Secure standard (you may be asked to enter a numerical code that you will receive by SMS from your bank). You enter the card number, validity date and CVC code (from the back of the card) into the ComGate payment gateway interface.

Questions about the ComGate service and complaints about this service can be directed to the provider:

ComGate Payments, a.s.
Gočárova třída 1754 / 48b, Hradec Králové, Česká republika
Tel: +420 228 224 267

Detailný postup platby kartou 

Detailný postup online bankového prevodu.


Payment is possible in EUR. After confirming the order, the customer is automatically redirected to login to his own PayPal account, where he can make the payment.


Payment is possible in EUR and CZK. After completing the order, the customer will receive an e-mail with the information necessary to make a classic bank transfer through their own internet banking or smart banking.



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