Lucky bag - color mix of wool for felting and spinning

The package contains smaller and larger pieces of combed wool in several colorways. Hand-dyed in from the Woolento studio.
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approx. 70g ineach bag

Assorted pieces of hand dyed wool, mostly merino, but there can be also little bit of merino/silk blend and alpaca. It is like a grab bag, so colors are mixed accidentaly from wool remnants from my actual wool dyeing projects. Every bag is a bit different in terms of colorways, but there is always more colorways included.  Photo shows just one of  many possible variations. You will find in here also wool roving machine carded and hand carded. 

Wool pieces are packed in a practical reusable bag with a ZIP slider. Storing in resealable bags will protect the wool from an unwanted visitor - the clothes moth.
Ideal also as a gift.

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