Sock blockers, adjustable set for sizes 34-43

The sock blocker is a great tool for achieving the perfect shape of hand-knitted socks. Woolento blockers are adjustable, so you can use one pair for knit socks from size EU34 to EU43. Blockers are madefor Woolento in a sheltered workshop in Slovakia.
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Blocking of sock is important for every passsionate sock knitter or crochetter. It is the cherry on the cake top. Blocked hand knitted socks look amazing, especially if they are to become a gift.


  • 2 pcs of blockers with a smooth edge and markers for the size of socks
  • 4 rubber bands to fix the position of the blockers
  • material:  plywood, latex rubber


  • Before blocking, soak the knitted socks in lukewarm water and wring them out well. Socks should be just moist, not too wet.
  • Set the blocker to the desired size and fix it with rubber bands. The position can also be fixed by lacing through the holes, similar to shoes lacing.
  • Stretch the sock over the blocker.
  • Hang it and let it dry freely.
  • Do not put blockers on heat sources or close to heat sources.

Made for Woolento in sheltered workshop in Slovakia.

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