Tasting set - 5 types of fibers in gift packaging

The wonderful gift set includes 5 types of wool. You can enjoy felting, spinning or art weaving with them. Combs of merino wool from Slovakia, Australia, a mixture of merino and silk, plus two types of alpaca, all beautifully color matching for joyful creations.
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approx. 250g (5 x approx.50g )

+ small surprise inside

This fabulous set includes 5 types of fibres with perfect color match. All fibers are very suitable for spinning, felting, art weaving, etc... So you can try how different kinds of wool works in different projects, or  blended together.
The set includes gift packaging in a practical reusable / resealable bag with a ZIP slider. Storing in resealable bags will protect the wool from an unwanted visitor - the clothes moth. 
Ideal also as a gift.

1. 100% Local Merino Wool, Slovakian, 23.5 mic
2. 100% Merino Wool, Australian, 19 mic
3. Merino/Silk Blend, 70% australian merino 19 mic, 30% silk tussah
4. Alpaca Super Fine, 23.5 mic
5. Alpaca Huacaya, 30mic

COLORS: white, brown, blue, ochre, gold, green, burgundy


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