Art Batt No.13- merino wool with glitttery nylon, Woolento

A fine blend of local merino wool with some shimmering nylon fiber. A beautiful wool comb suitable for spinning, wet felting, needle felting, artistic weaving, or other creative techniques. This sheep's fleece is handcrafted in accordance with the principles of sustainability. The wool isdyed with professional wool dyes and carded into an originally colored fluffy art batt.
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  • Colors: more shades of blue goes to green-ochre, with bright green nylon
  • Material: 95% Slovak merino (23.5 mic), 5% nylon fiber firestar (angelina)
  • Weight: approx. 70g = approx. 2.47oz

SLOVAK MERINO: Local slovak merino wool is from happy sheeps grazing Slovak meadows (Europe). The wool is quite fine, approximately 23.5 microns. It has been manually carded only, on my own.

Only limited quantity is available due to special combination of materials.


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