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Wool roving - white, undyed

Beautiful woolen top roving in natural white color. Combed wool is suitable for spinning, felting, macrame and weaving. You can choose from natural fibers such as merino wool, Slovak merino, merino blended with silk, corriedale wool and corriedale blend with tencel.
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Material: 100% corriedale wool

Fineness:  approx. 27 mic

Wool with longer fiber  has versatile uses. It is easy to felt and spin. With a fiber fineness of 27 mic. it is still pleasant to the touch and suitable for sweaters. Thanks to its high strength, Corriedale wool is also very suitable for knitting of socks.


Material: 80%  corriedale wool , 20% tencel (lyocell)

Fineness:  approx. 27 mic

A wonderfully soft blend of corriedale wool and tencel. Tencel - lyocel - is a very strong eucalyptus fiber, naturally antibacterial. Tencel gives to this mixtures a silky shine and softness. The blend has been created especially for Woolento. Suitable for spinning, needle felting, wet felting, or artistic weaving. I recommend it especially for spinning of luxurious sock yarn.


Material: 100% merino wool

Fineness:  approx.19 mic

Extra fine merino wool, suitable for spinning, wet and dry felting, or artistic weaving. Very suitable for beginners in spinning. Due to its softness, this wool is also suitable for hats and scarves, or children's garments and clothes.


Material: 100% merino wool from local breeding

Fineness:  approx 23.5 mic

Local wool with medium length hair, from happy MERINO sheep grazing the Slovak meadows. The wool is really fine, with a fiber thickness of approx. 23.5 micrometers. The wool was professionally combed in a small Slovak wool mill. This wool has a natural butter shade. Such a comb is ideal for spinning, felting, or even art weaving.


Material: 70% merino wool extra fine, 30% tussah silk

Fineness:  approx 19 mic (merino)

An exclusive combination of extra fine merino wool with tussah silk for a perfect spinning experience on a spinning wheel or spindle. Due to its softness, this wool is also suitable for hats and scarves, or children's clothing. This blend can be also felted, both methods, dry and wet.


Material: 75% fine merino wool, 25% kid mohair

Fineness:  merino - approx. 22.5 mic,  kid mohair - approx. 25 mic

Fine merino wool in combination with kid mohair is simply amazing. It beautifully combines the softness of merino with the shine and fluffiness of mohair. Enjoy spinning with it on a spinning wheel or a spindle. Wet and dry felting and weaving also testify to it beautifully. The content of kid mohair is 25%, it lightens the wool very pleasantly.

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