HAPPY SCRAPPY socks yarn set, 12x20g

Hand-dyed sock yarn from the Woolentostudio in 12 colorways for cheerfully colored socks, or various other knitted or crocheted projects. Each mini ball is about 20g. The total amount of 240g is enough for 3 pairs of socks. Also suitable for gloves, toys, various small items, or colorful knitted patterns on sweaters.
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Set includes:

  • 11x mini ball of hand-dyed yar
  • 1x mini ball of white undyed yarn

Total 12x20g=240g /1008 m (1102 yds)

The set includes gift packaging in a practical, reusable bag with a ZIP slider. Storing in resealable bags will protect the wool from an unwanted visitor - the clothes moth.


typical sock yarn, 4-ply

75% wool, superwash, mulesing free
25% nylon (polyamide)


The metereage/ yardage is 420m per 100g (459 yds per 3.53 oz)

Nylon gives the yarn strength, so it is suitable for knitting socks. They are thus more resistant to wear. The wool will warm pleasantly. The foot does not sweat like in acrylic socks.

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