Art Batt No.4- wool blend with silk and kid mohair for spinning and felting, Woolento

Nice blend of wool merino and corriedale with silk and kid mohair. ArtColorfull art batt is suitable for spinning on the spinning wheel and spindle as well, for wet felting, needle felting, artistic weaving, or other creative techniques. The only one original, beautifully fluffy colored "art batt" is created directly in the Woolento studio.
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  • Colors: natural white, beige, light gray, grey-blue, ligt mint, with bright green and pink nepps
  • Material: 90% merino extra fine wool (19 mic), 10% silk 
  • Weight: approx. 50g = approx. 1.76oz

SILK is roughly manually combed directly from the silk cocoons and dyed together with the wool in the Woolento workshop with professional dyes. Pink and green silk nepps give an exceptional look to this wool blend and have a typically silky shine.

Only limited quantity is available due to special and original combination of materials.


      Colorbeige / green / pink
      Base FiberArt Batt
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